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Camping regulations and conditions

Camping regulations Camping nr. 17

  • The campsite is open from 1 April to 30 September.

  • On the date of arrival, you can place your caravan or camper after 14:00.

  • On the date of departure, you must leave the campsite before 12:00.

  • The seasonal pitch is personal. Staying by others is subject to lodging fees.

  • Camping nr. 17 is a car-free campsite.

  • Cars are allowed on arrival and departure. Please drive on the paved road and not on the grass. Parking on the pitch.

  • Car washing not permitted.

  • Electric BBQ only. Fire basket, coal bbq NOT allowed. Gas bbq is allowed, except in extreme drought. Grass mat may not be scorched.

  • Please dispose of your waste in the appropriate bins. Plastic bags and blue rate bags can be left at the bicycle shelter. Please take broken things home.

  • Chemical toilets must be emptied in the designated disposal area and absolutely not in the toilets!

  • Please leave the sanitary facilities in a clean condition. Young children must be accompanied when using the sanitary facilities.

  • Hot water in the showers is charged at 50 cents, washing-up at 20 cents.  No change is given by the machine.

  • Washing machine 5 euros, ask the owner for the key.

  • Dogs are welcome. Keep them on a leash because of the cows that walk in the meadow. Let them out outside the campsite grounds.

  • Please keep the grass around your pitch tidy. We mow the grass around the pitch, but near the caravan and awning it is not possible for us to mow. You may find a push mower in the bike shed.

  • Construction lamps, large lighting fixtures, renovations, jacuzzi or wooden works are NOT allowed.

  • Noise pollution on the campsite must be avoided. Music and television systems must not be audible outside your own pitch. The use of other noise sources such as machines, mopeds and motorbikes must be avoided as much as possible.

  • Think of your fellow guests. Sleep from 22:00 to 08:00.

  • Of course you may receive guests, but they must also observe the rules.

  • Guests must report to the campsite, up to 2 hours free, the whole day stay costs 2.50 euros. Overnight stay 5 euros. 

  • Guests park outside the campsite.

  • Business operations from the campsite are not permitted.

  • Activities in/on the water at your own risk.

  • The campsite owner is not responsible for damage, theft, loss and accidents!


As we live together with several people during the season, it is necessary to observe these rules. We trust that you will respect and comply with these rules!


If a holiday-maker does not comply with the rules for a stay, this may, in extreme cases, lead to the termination of the agreement by the management of campsite no. 17.

Camping season

Camping nr. 17 is open from 1 April to 30 September. 

In the winter months we are closed!


Are you interested in staying at our campsite?

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